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Ordered stuff for 100Euro / 350zl and more - 2 CDs gratis  (for max. 25zl/9 Euro)


·   VI - De praestigiis daemonum (FRA) black metal     30zl/10Euro


·   ABOMINANT - Upon black horizons   (USA) death metal      20zl/8Euro

·   ABOMINANT - The way after (USA) death metal      20zl/8Euro

·   ABCESS / BLOODRED BACTERIA  (USA/GER)  sick as fuck death metal      20zl/8Euro

·   ABSURD - Raubritter / Grimmige volksmusic (GER) black metal, compilation CD     25zl/9Euro

·    ACHERON - Final conflict - last days of god (USA) the last album     30zl/10Euro

·    AD HOMINEM - Dictator (FRA) brand new album, slipcase     30zl/10Euro

·    AGONY - Call the rain   (CZ) melodic death metal     20zl/8Euro

·    AIGRO MUCIFELAM - Lost sounds depraved (FRA) black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    AKITSA - La Grande Infamie  (CAN) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    ALGOR - Uder pohanskeho hnevu   (SLO) melodic raw pagan black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    ALL THE COLD - One year of cold (RUS) black metal / dark ambient from northern part of Russia (Murmansk)  20zl/8Euro

·    ALNESTABS - Kerda... (PL)  pagan folk inspired by the old prussian mithology25zl/9Euro

·    ALVHEIM - I et fjort fortid (RUS) viking black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    AMNION - Cryptic wanderings  (SP) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    ANCESTORS / UNLIGHT DOMAIN split CD (CUB) black metal from CUBA!!!     20zl/8Euro

·    ANCESTORS BLOOD / HUNOK split CD (FIN / HUN) epic black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    ANGANTYR - Kampen Fortsatter   (DK) black metal, digi pack   25zl/9Euro

·    APOLION - Death grows into sperm (ITA)  black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    ARCHANDRIA - Zimowy brzask zwycięstwa   (PL) pagan black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    ARFSYND - Arfsynd (SWE) black metal    35zl/11Euro

·    ARKONA / MOONTOWER   - W szponach wojennej bestii   (PL) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    ARMAGGEDON - INRI (FRA) black metal, brand new album     25zl/9Euro

·    ARMAGGEDON - INRI (FRA) black metal, brand new album, DIGI PACK     30zl/10Euro

·    ARSONIST LODGE - Perkele, Antikristus ja vaara profeetta (FIN)  black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    ASGUARD   - Black fire land   (BLR) pagan black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    ASH POOL - World turns on its hinge (USA) black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    ASH POOL -For which he plies the lash  (USA) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    ASKA - Dar vanvett gror (SWE) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    ASTRAL SILENCE - Astral journey (SWI) black metal / dark ambient      25zl/9Euro

·    ASTROFAES - Those whose past is immortal (UKR)  pagan black metal   25zl/8Euro

·    ASTROFAES - Live hate DVD (UKR) official DVD, black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    ATANATOS   - The oath of revenge   (NL) death metal, digi pack     25zl/9Euro

·    AVSKED - Livets ironi (GER) black metal   20zl /  8Euro

·    AVSKY - Mass destruction  (SWE) black metal   20zl /  8Euro

·    AXIS OF ADVANCE - Obey (CA) black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    AZAGHAL - Luciferin valo (FIN) black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    AZAGHAL  / DECAYED / POGOST - Bringers of black death - 3-way split CD, black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    AZURE EMOTE - Chronicles of an aging mammal (USA) melodic avantgarde death metal   25zl/9Euro


·    BALAM AKAB - Sacrificio (MEX) brutal black death metal inspired by aztec culture!!!, digi pack     20zl/8Euro

·    BAPTISM - Grim art of melancholy (FIN) black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    BEATRIK - Journey Through the end of life  (ITA) black metal, DIGI BOOK     30zl/10Euro

·    BENIGHTED IN SODOM - In hora maledictus part I (USA) deppresive ambient  black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    BENIGHTED IN SODOM - Dismal ethereality: stellar celestial void   (USA) deppresive ambient  black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    BERGRAVEN - Dodsvisioner (SWE) brillant black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    BESTIA  - Hallutsinatsioon   (EST) black metal from Estonia.    25zl/9Euro

·   BESTIAL MOCKERY - Christcrushing hammerchainsaw (SWE) black death metal    30zl/10Euro

·    BLACK ANGEL   - From the darkness   (PERU) brutal black metal of the south American way    25zl/9Euro

·    BLACKDEATH / LEVIATHAN split CD (RUS/USA) black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    BLACK FUNERAL  - Ordog   (USA) cult satanic raw black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    BLACK GOAT   - Black goat   (USA) old school thrash black metal      20zl/8Euro

·    BLACK JADE - ...of forest and fire (SWI) black metal, digi pack      25zl/9Euro

·    BLACKWIND   - Origin   (SWE) black metal, old project of members of Setherial. CD include remastered EP from 1999 + some unreleased tracks.      25zl/9Euro

·    BLACK DEMENTIA - Hyperborean call (DK) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    BLACK WITCHERY / CONQUEROR  - Hellstorm of evil vengeance   (USA / CAN) sick ultra brutal black war metal blasphemy.      25zl/9Euro

·    BLASPHEMY RITES - Hideous lord (PL) black metal in vein of early Beherit   25zl/9Euro

·    BLAZE OF PERDITION - Toward the blaze of perdition (PL) black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    BLODARV  - Soulcollector   (DEN) raw misanthropic northern black metal, Denial of God s member    25zl/9Euro

·    BLODARV - Linaria amlech (DK) black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    BLODSKALD - Vidundret (SWE)  black metal      20zl/8Euro

·    BLODSRIT - Supreme misanthropy (SWE) black metal, reedition on DIGI from Unexploded Rec      30zl/10Euro

·    BLODSRIT - Ocularis infernum  (SWE) black metal, reedition on DIGI from Unexploded Rec     30zl/10Euro

·    BLODSRIT - Helveteshymner (SWE) black metal, reedition on DIGI from Unexploded Rec       30zl/10Euro

·    BLODTRU - The death of the spirit (DK) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    BLOODRAIN - Ultimatum   (RUS) fast melodic black/death metal    20zl/8Euro

·    BLOODTHORN  - Under the reign of terror   (NOR) Excellent death/black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    BLOODTHORN - Genocide (NOR) very good death / black metal album     25zl/9Euro

·    BLUT / SONNENKREUZ (SWE) - United in battle   raw black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    BORKNAGAR - Borknagar (NOR) legendary debut album     30zl/10Euro

·    BOSSE - Echoes of the forgotten (USA) - very good dark ambient  25zl/9Euro

·    BRUMALIS  - Furore normannorum   (USA) raw war BM, ex Aryan Wind!!! Bonuses, Burzum cover etc.     20zl/8Euro

·    BURZUM - A tribute to...Burzum songs plays Nokturnal Mortum, Armagedda, Sunwheel...     25zl/9Euro


·    CAED DHU - By tych co nami wladna postracac z oltarzy (PL) raw black metal       20zl/8Euro

·    CAPRICORNUS - Alone against all (PL) black metal    25zl /  9Euro

·    CARCASS - Live at st george s hall, Badford UK 89 (USA) underground sound, bootleg     25zl/9Euro

·    CARPATHIAN FOREST - Defending the throne of evil (NOR) black metal, extra released brazilian edition in slipcase!!!    30zl/10Euro

·    CARVED IN STONE   - Hear the voice   (GER) an excellent pagan folk music in vein of   Hagalaz Runedane     25zl/9Euro

·    CHAINS OF FIRE/HOLY DEATH (PL) split CD hellish heavy black metal/atmospheric black metal a la epic Bathory. GREAT!!!   20zl/8Euro

·   CHAOS MOON - Languor into echos, beyond (USA) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·   CHAOS MOON / FROSTMOON ECLIPSE / BENIGHTED IN SODOM split CD   black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Church of atrocity (FIN)  black metal   30zl/10Euro

·    CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Falling monuments (FIN)  black metal   30zl/10Euro

·    CLOSING THE ETERNITY - Noughtwards (RUS) dark harmonic music, digi pack    30zl/10Euro

·    COMMON GRAVE - II male di vvere (ITA)  black metal in vein of FORGOTTEN TOMB, SHINING...  25zl/9Euro

·    CONJURATION   - Funeral of the living   (FIN) horror metal from the grave    25zl/9Euro

·    CRAFT - Total soulrape  (NOR) black metal      30zl/10Euro

·    CRAFT - Terror propaganda (NOR) black metal      30zl/10Euro

·    CROSSWRECKER - Black flame divination (FIN) black thrash metal in vein of Venom, Sodom, Destroyer 666  25zl/9Euro

·    CRUCIFIX - Threnody of the crucifix (DNK) brutal death metal      20zl/8Euro

·    CRYPTOSY   - Blasphemy made flesh (CAN) brutal death metal      30zl/10Euro

·    CSSABA - Toxic cssaba (PL) experimental black metal, project of the leader of Massemord and Furia!       30zl/10Euro


·    DARK AGES - Chronicle of the plague (UKR) dark ambient project of the leader of Drudkh, Hate Forest    25zl/9Euro

·   DARK FURY - Fortress of eagles (PL) black metal      20zl/8Euro

·    DARK FURY - The tears of treason (PL) black metal     20zl/8Euro

·   DARK FURY / OHTAR split CD  (PL)   black metal      20zl/8Euro

·   DARK FURY - Saligia   (PL) black metal      20zl/8Euro

·    DARK INVERSION  - The land of the dead warriors   (BLG) monumental epic black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DARKTRANCE - Beyond the gates of innsanity (UKR) black metal     20zl/8Euro

·    DEAD RAVEN CHOIR - Cask strength black metal (PL) black metal, double CD   30zl/10Euro

·    DEATH SS - The seventh seal (TA)  legendary mystic band...  30zl/10Euro

·    DEATHROW - Gateways to oblivion (ITA) black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER  - The first bestial butchery (FIN) perversion old schooled necro death metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DEATHSPAWNED DESTROYER  - WarBloodMassacre   (FIN) title says everything, bestial death metal    25zl/9Euro

·    DEBAUEHERED   - Dead scream symphony    death metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DECAYED / AZAGHAL / POGOST - Bringers of black death - 3-way split CD, black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    DECEASED  - The radiation years (USA) legendary death metal band, demos and bonuses, more than 70 minutes of music     25zl/9Euro

·    DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Cold disease of reality (PL) black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    DETONATOR 666  - At the dawn of sadistic infernal holocaust   (CZ) evil old school black metal, members of Maniac Butcher and Dark Storm     25zl/9Euro

·    DEVASTATOR  - The end (USA) old schooled thrash war black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DEVILISH   - Possession (GER) atmospheric black metal in vein of very early Gehenna or Evol. Limited to 350 copies, digi pack       25zl/9Euro

·    DIES ATER  - Through weird woods   (D) black metal     25zl/9Euro

·   DISFIGURED DEAD - Visions of death (USA) death metal    30zl/10Euro

·    DODSFERD - Denying with arrogance your pathethic existence (GRE) black metal   30zl/10Euro

·    DRAGOBRATH - Fra myrer taake (UKR) Kroda members, black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    DRASTIC   - Thieves of kisses   (ITA) black gothic metal with progressive sound, very well released on digi pack      20zl/8Euro

·    DRASTIQUE   - Pleasureligion (ITA) black/death metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DRAUGR   - Nocturnal pagan supremacy   (ITA) extreme fast pagan black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    DREPHJARD - Maktdominans (NOR) northern black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    DREVO - Velichie (RUS) pagan black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    DROWNING THE LIGHT - The weeping moon (AUS) misanthropic black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DROWNING THE LIGHT - The fading rays of the sun (AUS) misanthropic black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    DROWNING THE LIGHT - An alignment of dead stars (AUS) black metal     30zl/10Euro

·    DRUZHINA - Echoes in distant battles (RUS) pagan folk black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    DUB BUK - Mertvy soromu ne imut (UKR) brand new album, pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro

·   DURTHANG - Passage beyond cold vales of desolation (SWE) misanthropic northern black metal, member of Lustre, Starlit 20zl/8Euro



·    ELD - Primeval vespers (NOR) brillant black metal, in line up S. Winter of Forlorn, Genenna, Aeternus      25zl/9Euro

·    ELFFOR - From the throne of hate (SP - Basque Land)  Mix of dark ambient / folk / black metal, re-edition on DIGI PACK    25zl/9Euro

·    ELITE - We own the mountains  (NOR) black metal     30zl/10 Euro

·    EMPEROR - In the nightside eclipse (NOR) classic stuff, great released by black metal attack rec.    30zl/10Euro

·    EMPEROR- Prometheus (NOR) classic stuff, great released by black metal attack rec.    30zl/10Euro

·    ENFEUS LODGE - Enfeus Lodge (FRA) black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    EPPING FOREST - Everblasting struggle (POR) occult black / death metal, Corpus Christi members      25zl/9Euro

·    EQUIMANTHORN  - Exalted are the 7 throne ...   (USA) Absu members, ritual music inspired by summerian past, very dark and mysterious music     30zl/10Euro

·    EQUIMANTHORN  - Second sephira cella   (USA) Absu members, ritual music inspired by summerian past, very dark and mysterious music     30zl/10Euro

·   ETERNAL HELCARAXE - Palest kingdom (IRL) black metal      20zl/8Euro

·   ETERNAL HELCARAXE - To whatever end (IRL) black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    EVIL INCARNATE  - Blackest hymns of god s disgrace (USA) death metal      25zl/9Euro

·    EVILFEAST - Funeral sorcery (PL) the second album, misanthropic cold black metal    25zl/9 Euro

·    EVILFEAST / MARBLEBOG - Isenheimen / Abyss calls (PL / HUN) split CD, monumental raw black metal with dark ambient parts      25zl/9Euro

·    EVILFEAST - Lost horizons of wisedom (PL) black metal, brand new album     25zl/9Euro

·    EWIGES REICH  - Thron aus eis   (D) black metal     25zl/9Euro


·    FAERGHAIL  - Blood will follow blood   (Fin) melodic black thrash metal     25zl/9Euro

·    FALKENSTEIN - Urdarbrunnen (GER) neofolk, digi pack     30zl/10Euro

·    FALKENSTEIN - Kraftort (GER) neofolk, digi pack      30zl/10Euro

·    FDS - XII. 07 (PL) black metal, members of FURIA, MASSEMORD...  20zl/8Euro

·     FLAME OF WAR - Europa, or the spirit among the ruins (PL) misanthropic black metal     20zl/8Euro

·    FLEURETY - Last minute lies (NOR)  black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    F. O. B.  - Follow the instructions   (CZ) melodic death metal     20zl/8Euro

·    FOLKVANG - On the wings of destiny (BLR) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    FOLKVANG / WODENSTHRONE - Over the binding o the waves  (BLR) split CD black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    FOREST OF IMPALED - Rise and conquer (USA) death metal    25zl/9Euro

·    FORGOTTEN WOODS - Sjel av natten (NOR)  legendary stuff, black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    FORGOTTEN WOODS - Race of cain (NOR)  black metal, jewel case CD   25zl/9Euro

·    FORNOST  - Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt   (GER) very good black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    FOSCOR - The smile of the sad ones (ESP) very good black metal!!! Recomended !!!  25zl/9Euro

·    FOSCOR - The smile of the sad ones (ESP) brand new album    25zl/9Euro

·    FOUDRE NOIRE - The dark gods (FIN) brillant black metal with Horna member     25zl/9Euro

·    FOURTH MONARCHY - Amphilochia (ITA) atmospheric black metal, digi pack     25zl/9Euro

·    FROSTBITTEN KINGDOM - Infidel angel (FIN)  black/death metal    30zl/10Euro

·    FROSTMOON ECLIPSE   - Dead and forever gone   (ITA) acoustic music in vein of Tenhi, Ulver    25zl/9Euro

·    FROZEN TEARS  - Gbrt (BLG) epic black metal     20zl/8Euro

·    FUCK OFF AND DIE!   - Anti all (LIT) radical black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    FUNERAL FEAST  - Genocide ad nauseum   (FIN) fast technical death metal     25zl/9Euro

·    FURIA - Grudzien za grudniem (PL) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    FURIA - Plon (PL) black metal    20zl/8Euro


·    GNOSTIC  - Hatewar 666 (USA) black war metal!  25zl/9Euro

·    GOAT OF MENDES  - To walk upon the wiccan way (D) black metal inspired by satanism, occultism  20zl/8Euro

·    GODDES OF DESIRE  - Conquerors divine   (NL) heavy metal   20zl/7Euro

·    GONTYNA KRY - Blood of our fathers (PL) black metal, digi pack      30zl/10Euro

·    GONTYNA KRY - Arystokracja ducha (PL) brand new album, black metal,    25zl/9Euro

·    GOTTLOS  - Infernal pandemonio   (CZ) Hellish fast and raw black metal     25zl/9Euro

·   GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE - The eclipse (CZE) sludge death metal, digi pack     25zl/9Euro

·    GOSPEL OF THE HORNS - Sinners / Monuments of impurity (AUS) retrospective CD, black thrash metal, digi pack     30zl/10Euro

·   GOSPEL OF THE HORNS - Realm of the damned (AUS) black thrash metal    30zl/10Euro

·    GRAVDAL - Sadist (NOR) norwegian black metal, digi pack  30zl/10Euro

·    GRAVDAL - Torturmantra (NOR)  black metal, new album on digi pack  30zl/10Euro

·    GRAVELAND - Drunemeton (PL) early stuff... 25zl/9Euro

·    GRAVEWURM - Funeral empire (USA) raw black / death metal  25zl/9Euro

·    GIIVF / SOL - split CD (DK) black / doom metal with dark ambient influences, digi pack       25zl/9Euro



·    HADES - ...Again shall be (NOR) Reedition from Displeased with Alone Walking as a bonus!  30zl/10Euro

·    HADES - Dawn of the dying sun (NOR) Reedition from Displeased with bonus tracks!  30zl/10Euro

·    HAGL - Nearer to victory (RUS)  black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    HARVIST  - Lightning storm in the vein   (USA) pagan black metal with electronic influences and monumental atmosphere  25zl/9Euro

·    HATE ETERNAL - I Monarch (USA) death metal, extra released brazilian licencion   30zl/10Euro

·    HATS BARN - Primitive humans desecration (FRA) ) black metal   20zl /  8Euro

·    HAVOHEJ - Dethrone the son of god (USA) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    HEIDEN / TROLLECH split CD (CZ) melodic black metal / raw pagan black metal, digi pack   20zl/8Euro

·   HELEL - A sigil burnt deep into flesh (FRA) industrial black metal, DIGIBOOK     30zl/10Euro

·    HELL BORN - Darkness (PL) death / black metal, digi pack   20zl/8Euro

·    HELLEBAARD - Fier (HOL) pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    HELLVETO   - Stos   (PL) pagan folk black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    HELLVETO - Wiara, nadzieja, potepienie (PL) brand new album, released on 2 CDs in Digi Pack!!!  30zl/10Euro

·    HERMH - Echo (PL) black metal, digi pack   20zl/8Euro

·    HERMH - Taran (PL) black metal, digi pack   20zl/8Euro

·    HIEMS   - Cold void journey   (ITA) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    HJARNIDAUDI - Pain. Noise. March (NOR)   black doom metal, slipcase, released by Avantgarde     30zl/10Euro

·    HOATH  - Codex II:Kether   (FIN) old school death/black metal, digi pack 25zl/9Euro

·    HOLY DEATH  - Triumph of evil   (PL) cult stuff of this legendary horde. Unholy black metal a la early Samael, Hellhammer 20zl/8Euro

·    HOLY DEATH  - Forever burning ashes   (PL) cult black metal, retrospective CD 20zl/8Euro

·    HOLY DEATH / CHAINS OF FIRE (PL) split CD hellish heavy black metal / atmospheric black metal a la epic Bathory. GREAT!!! 20zl/8Euro

·    HOLY DEATH   - The knight, death and the devil   (PL) brand new album, an excellent mystic, diabolical black metal inspired by old school BM hordes 20zl/8Euro

·    HORNA - Envaatnags  eflos solf esgantaavne (FIN) black metal   30zl/10Euro

·    HORNA   - Haudankylmyyden Mailla (FIN) black metal 30zl/10Euro

·    HORNA - Aania yossa  (FIN) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    HORNA - Vihan tiella (FIN) live album    25zl/9Euro

·    HORNCROWNED   - Satanic Armageddon   (COL) brutal black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    HORNED ALMIGHTY - Contaminating the divine (DK) brand new album   25zl/9Euro

·    HROMOVLAD   - Vladca lesov, skalnych stien (SLO) pagan black metal  25zl/9Euro

·   HSN - The eye (FRA) black metal in vein of early Satanic Warmaster         20zl/8Euro

·    HUNOK / ANCESTORS BLOOD split CD (FIN / HUN) epic black metal     25zl/9Euro


·    I SHALT BECOME  - Requiem (CA) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    IAD - Penitentiam agite (GER) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    IMPALED NAZARENE - Manifest (FIN) just Impaled... 25zl/9Euro

·    IMPIETY / ABHORRENCE - Two barbarians split CD (SGP / BRA)  old school black/death metal  25zl/9Euro

·    INFUNERAL - Torn from the abyss (SWE) black metal, Ondskapt member    25zl/9Euro

·    INFERNAL HATE - Upset (MEX) pure black metal, A5 DIGIBOOK! 20zl/8Euro

·    INFERNO - Uctivani temne zurivosti (CZ) black metal, new album  30zl/10Euro 

·    INFERUS  - Cult to the lord of the evil light   (BRA) mystic atmospheric black metal in vein of Evol 20zl/8Euro

·   INFESTUS - Chroniken des ablebens (GER) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    INFINITED HATE  - Heaven termination (HOL)   brutal death metal, Sinister/Houwitser members 30zl/10 Euro

·   INGLORIOUS - Death syndrome (PL) black death metal, digi pack     20zl/8Euro

·    INHUMANE DEATHCULT - On behalf of Satan  (FIN)  black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    INTERNAL SUFFERING  - Choronzonic force domination (USA) third album recorded at Erik Rutan s of Hell Eternal s studio, brutal death metal  30zl/10Euro

·    INTO DAGORLAD - Apostasie (FRA) black metal  20zl/8Euro

·    ISKON - Tisina usnulih vekova (SER) misanthropic black metal in vein of Evilfeast  25zl/9Euro

·    ISOLATION   - Isolation   (GER) slipcase, atmospheric black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    ISTAPP - Koldens union (SWE) northern black metal   25zl/9Euro


·    JAAPORTIT - Voimasuo (FIN) dark ambient, great music, digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    JANVS - Fvlgvres (ITA) black metal, Spite Extreme Wings member   25zl/9Euro

·   JAR - Niesiem plon (PL) Slavland musician, pagan folk    25zl/9Euro

·    JUDAS ISCARIOT - Heaven in flames (USA) black metal 30zl/10Euro


·    KALOT ENBOLOT - Regnum Dei (PL) black metal inspired by the medieval ages 25zl/9Euro

·    KAMAEDZITCA - Dzieci liesa (BLR) very good pagan black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    KAMAEDZITCA - Pyarune  (BLR) very good pagan black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    KATATONIA - Discourages ones (SWE) black doom metal  30zl/10Euro

·    KAWIR - Ophiolateria (GRE) brand new album, digi pack 30zl/10Euro

·   KAWIR - To Uranus (GRE) brand new MCD    25zl/9Euro

·    KINGDOM - Unholy graveyard (PL) brutal death metal in vein of Azarath  25zl/9Euro

·    KLADOVEST - Kladovest (UKR) misanthropic black metal in vein of Burzum or Drudkh, DIGI PACK 20zl/8Euro

·    KORGONTHURUS  - Korgonthurus   (FIN) raw black metal, project of Horna s vocalist 25zl/9Euro

·    KORGONTHURUS  - Marras   (FIN) raw black metal, project of Horna s vocalist 25zl/9Euro

·    KOSA - Evilapsorption (UKR) misanthropic black metal 25zl/Euro

·    KRAAKER - Musikk fra vettenes dom (NOR)  black metal  20zl/8Euro

·  KROHM - The haunting presence (USA) black metal     30zl/10Euro

·    KRUK  - Drowned in a swampheart of Europe   (BLR) great raw black metal from east a la early Immortal or Old Wainds, very good sound and an excellent release on digi pack. A Masterpiece! 30zl/10Euro

·    KURGAN - I zamerzayut... (UKR) pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro



·    LEGACY OF BLOOD   - Murder hymn   (PL) extreme fast black metal in vein Thunderbolt, Sunwheel, Selbstmord 20zl/8Euro

·    LEGION OF DOOM   - Kingdom of endless darkness   (GRE) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    LEGION OF DOOM   - For those of the blood   (GRE) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    LEGION OF DOOM   - God is dead (GRE) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·   LEICHENGOTT - Cyrograf (PL)   black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    LEICHENGOTT / LEGACY OF BLOOD - split CD (PL)  black metal     30zl/10Euro

·    LIFELOVER - Konkurs (SWE)  black doom metal   30zl/10Euro

·    LIKBLEK - Likblek (SWE) black metal     35zl/11Euro

·   LIKTJERN - Kulde, pest og dod (NO)  black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    LIVSNEKAD - Den sociala vanforheten (SWE) depressive black doom metal    30zl/10Euro

·    LJA - Vedderbaug  (NOR)  black metal    30zl10Euro

·    LONNDOM - Falen fran norr (SWE) neo folk / rock / metal, Armagedda members    25zl/9Euro

·   LONNDOM -  Hagkomster fran nordiga nejder... (SWE) black metal, Armagedda members   30zl/10Euro

·    LORDAMOR - Lordamor (FIN) black funeral doom metal   20zl/8Euro

·    LUCIFUGUM  - On hooks to pieces   (UKR) very good black metal from east, digi pack   25zl/9Euro

·    LUCIFUGUM  - The supreme art of genocide   (UKR) cult black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    LUCIFUGUM   - Involtation  (UKR) black metal 20zl/8 Euro

·    LUGBURZ - Triumph of Antichrist (PL) black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    LUSTRE - Serenity (SWE) MCD black metal / dark ambient 20zl/8Euro

·    LUSTRE - Welcome winter  (SWE) MCD black metal / dark ambient 20zl/8Euro

·    LUSTRE - A glimse of glory (SWE) brand new album    30zl/10Euro

·    LUX DIVINA - From the tomb of nature blood (ESP) pagan black metal    25zl/9Euro



·    MACABRE OMEN - The ancient returns (GRE) epic black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    MAGNUS - Alkohol suicide (PL)  cult Polish black / thrash act!!!  30zl/10Euro

·    MAGOG   - Weisheit und achnenkult (GER) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    MAKE A CHANGE KILL YOURSELF - S/T (DK)  black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    MALEFICIA  - Songs of the nightbird   (FIN) doom black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    MANEGARM - Dodsfard (SWE) viking black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    MANIAC BUTCHER - Masakr (CZE)  black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    MARBLEBOG - Winds of moors (HUN)  dark ambient   25zl/9Euro

·    MARBLEBOG / DRAUGURZ split CD  black metal / ambient   25zl/9Euro

·    MARBLEBOG / EVILFEAST - Abyss calls / Isenheimen (HUN / PL) split CD, monumental raw black metal with dark ambient parts 25zl/9Euro

·    MARTYRIUM - Carnage lit by Darkness (MAL)  atmospheric black metal from Malta      20zl/8Euro

·    MASACRE - Sacro (COL)  black / death metal in vein of southern America way   25zl/9Euro

·    MASSACRE - The second coming (USA) cult death metal, reissue by Hells Headbangers in 2008  30zl/10Euro

·    MASSEMORD - The madness tongue devouring juices of living hope  (PL)  brand new album, Furia members... 25zl/9Euro

·    MASSEMORD - 12 years of massemord  (NOR) black metal   25zl/9 Euro

·    MASOKISMI  - Hapeallinen siveysoppi   (FIN) raw necro black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    MAYHEM - The true armagedon (NOR) Deathcrush, De Mysteriis... and promo 90 on 1 CD     30zl/10Euro

·    MAYHEM / THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL -  Jihad/The freezing moon   (NOR/UK) 2 tracks professionally recorded with Dead on vocals / black metal with great old school sound. 25zl/9Euro

·    MELAFICUM ORGIA - Melaficum orgia (FRA) black metal like Profanatica, Blasphemy... 25zl/9Euro

·    MENHIR  - Buchania   (GER) pagan music   25zl/9Euro

·    MEPHISTO  - Metal of death   (ITA) old school death metal in vein of Hellhammer, Venom, Sodom 25zl/9Euro

·    MICTLAN - Donde habitan... (MEX)  first release of aztec death metal from 1994 now on CD   20zl/8Euro

·    MIDVINTER - At the sight of the apocalypse dragon (SWE) black metal, Setherial vocalist  25zl/9Euro

·    MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST - Firm grip of the roots  (FIN)  epic pagan black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    MOLESTED - Blod-draum / Stormvold (NOR) reissue of this legendary death metal band, old band of the  leader of Borknagar, double CD   40zl12Euro

·   MOLOCH - A journey to the vylin (UKR) raw BM  20zl/8Euro

·    MOLOCH LETALIS - Apoteza Smierci (PL)  black metal     20zl/8Euro

·    MORBID SCREAM - The signal for attack 1986 - 1990 (USA) cult thrash metal act, compilation CD  25zl/9Euro

·    MORRIGAN - Welcome  to  samhain (GER) black metal  30zl/10Euro

·    MIRRORTHRONE  Of wind and weeping   (SWI) 25zl/9Euro

·    MOONTOWER   - In the shadow of the wolf   (PL) black metal inspired by early Graveland  - Total Holocaust Rec   20zl/8Euro

·    MOONTOWER  - Antichristian supremacy domain   (PL) black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    MOONTOWER / TARAN   - Devil s incarnation   (PL) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    MOONTOWER / ARKONA   - W szponach wojennej bestii   (PL) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    MORBID / MORTEM split CD (SWE/GER) rare stuff of a both bands!!! 25zl/9Euro

·   Mr DEATH - Death suits you (SWE) brand new MCD     20zl/8Euro

·    MUNRUTHEL - Orinana tales  (UKR) dark ambient / BM, ex member of Nokturnal Mortum, reissue on digi pack with bonus track   25zl/9Euro

·    MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET - Talvenranta (FIN) melodic black / death metal, digi pack  25zl/9Euro

·    MY DYING BRIDE - As the flowers withers (UK) doom metal   30zl/10Euro

·    MY RESULT   - Svetogrdj (SER) mystic pagan black metal from Serbia 25zl/9Euro

·    MY SHAMEFUL - Descent (FIN) funeral doom / death metal A5 digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    MYRK  - Icons of the dark   (ICE) northern black metal 25zl/9Euro

·   MYRKR - Black illuminations (IRE) black metal  30zl/10Euro



·    NAILGUNNER / WOUNDS  - Thermonuclear thrash metal warfare   (FIN) 1-st class of thrash metal bands from Finland. 12 tracks of real, raw thrash annihilation!!! 20zl/8Euro

·   NASTROND - Muspellz synir (SWE) black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    NAV - The wolf sun (RUS) cold black metal with thrash infuences, OLD WAINDS members... 25zl/9Euro

·    NECROMANTIA - Scarlet evil witching black (GRE) black metal, re-edition on digi pack 25zl/9Euro

·    NECROMANTIA - Ancient pride (GRE) black metal, re-edition on digi pack 25zl/9Euro

·    NECROMANTIA - IV Malice (GRE) black metal, re-edition on digi pack 25zl/9Euro

·    NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR - La seigneurie des loups (CAN) black metal / dark ambient     25zl/9Euro

·    NEZHEGOL - Ot serdca k solncu (RUS) pagan black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    NEZHEGOL - Istoki  (RUS) pagan black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    NOCTURNAL - Violent revenge (SWE)  black thrash metal    30zl/10Euro

·    NOMANS LAND - Farnord (RUS) viking folk black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    NORDLYS - Til pest (GER) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    NORSK SVART METALL V/A - The third wave of norwegian black metal, compilation CD  20zl/8Euro

·    NORTH STREAM  - Time of triumph at cleanliness   (RUS) raw, depressive black metal inspired by hate and northern nature 25zl/9Euro

·    NORTT - Galgenfrist (DUN) black doom metal     30zl/10Euro

·    NOX INFERI - Adverse spheres (AUS) black metal  25zl/10Euro

·    NUIT NOIRE - Fantomatic plenitude  (FRA) punk black metal  25zl/9Euro

·   NUNSLAUGHTER - Black (USA) new MCD, death metal    25zl/9Euro


·   OAKENSHIELD - Gylfaginning (GB)  epic pagan black metal in vein of Bathory, Morrigan...   30zl/10Euro

·    OBITUS - March of the drones (SWE) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    OFERMOD - Tiamtu( SWE)  black metal    40zl/12Euro

·    OGMIAS - 3 (CZ) pagan black metal, CD compilation  - 6 new tracks and Keltsy Hnew 20zl/8Euro

·   OHTAR / DARK FURY  split CD  (PL)   black metal      20zl/8Euro

·    OLD WAINDS - Where the snows are never gone (RUS)  black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    ONIRIC - Spectre (PT) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    ORNAMENTS OF SIN / SOMBRE CHEMIN split CD 2005 black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    ORTHANC   - Aux enfants de thulee (FRA)  black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    OTHALA - Nir alting er glemt (DK) neo folk pagan music, norse mithology... 25zl/9Euro


·    PAGAN FOREST  - Pure Harmony of the Night/Posród Zlowieszczej Ciszy   (PL)   pagan black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    PAGAN HELLFIRE -  A voice from centuries away (USA) pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    PAGAN HELLFIRE -  Solidarity  (USA) pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    PENITENT   - Reflections of the past memories   (NOR) sad melancholic dark ambient 25zl/9 Euro

·    PERDITION - Antihuman divinity (PL) black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    PERISYNTI - Hiilenmusta lammas (FIN)  black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    PERSECUTOR - Wings of death (PL) raw black / death metal  25zl/9Euro

·    PEST - Hail to the black metal wolves of Belial (FIN) pre Satanic Warmaster, raw black metal 25zl/9Euro

·   PHRAGMENTS AND KORINTH - Mysteries of the greyland - Orchestral dark ambient, digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    POGROM 1147  - Black metal complete   (PL) raw black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    POSSESSED   - Demos 85 - 86 (USA) legendary stuff!!! 25zl/9Euro

·    PROFANATICA - Profanatitas de domonatia (USA) back metal 30zl/10Euro

·    PROFANE SOLITUDE   - Awakening (UKR)   black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    PROFEZIA - Black misanthropic elite... (ITA) black metal, Beatrik, Tenebrae in Perpetuum member  25zl/9Euro

·   PROSANCTUS INFERI - Pandemonic ululations... (USA) black / death metal, Black Funeral member    30zl/10Euro

·    PURGATORY  - Bestial   (GER) brutal death metal 20zl/8Euro

·    PURGATORY  - Blessed with flame of hate   (GER) brutal death metal 20zl/0Euro

·    PUTRIDITY/INFATUATION OF DEATH  - Ten acts of death metal terror   split CD (PL) the title says everything 15zl/5Euro


·   QUINTESSENCE - Le fleau de ton existence (FRA) black metal 25zl/9Euro


·    RAUTA - Haudanmaa (FIN) post-rock, folk metal made in Finland   25zl/9Euro

·    RAVEN - Murder session (NOR) BM, old stuff from 90-ties, members of Forgotten Woods 30zl/10Euro

·    RAVEN THRONE - Tenyu skvoz smer (BLR)  black metal  20zl/8Euro

·    RAVENTALE- Long passed days (UKR) black doom metal  25zl/9Euro

·    RAVENTALE- Mortal aspirations (UKR) black doom metal, the new album  25zl/9Euro

·    RESSURECTED  - Blood spilled (GER) brutal death metal 20zl/8Euro

·    REV 16:8 - Grand tidal rave (SWE) very good black metal from Sweden  25zl/9Euro

·    RIMTHURS - Ur:Kaos (SWE)  black metal inspired by the dark side of the nordic mithology     25zl/9Euro

·    RIMTHURS - Svartnar (SWE)  black metal inspired by the dark side of the nordic mithology    25zl/9Euro

·    RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE  - An ode to sin (CAN)   raw old school black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    RODOGOR - Repartition (RUS) black / death metal    25zl/9Euro

·    RODOVEST - Here is the russian land (RUS) pagan folk black metal in vein of Temnozor, Nokturnal Mortum... great released on 6 panel digi pack!!!    30zl/10Euro

·    RUTONKANTAJA - Nature Mysticism (FIN) pagan BM in vein of early Wyrd     25zl/9Euro



·    SABBAT  - Live sabbatical hamaguri queen   (JAP) another live album from USA show. Good sound!!!    25zl/9Euro

·   SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT - s/t (FIN) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    SADIZTIK IMPALER   - Sadiztik syonan to supremacy   (SGP) brutal black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    SAGENTOETER - Prayers to Othinn (AUT) neofolk, released in wooden box  30zl/10Euro

·    SALTUS  - Symbols of Forefathers/Inexploratus Saltus (PL) pagan black metal, earlly stuff 25zl/9Euro

·    SAMAEL - Live in Dark (SWI) Medieval Prophecy, From Dark To Black and some live tracks... 35zl/11Euro

·    SANCTUS DAEMONEON -  Nothingless Nothingless (DK)   dark mental psychedelic rock / acoustic experimental ambient   MCD20zl/8Euro

·   saantAAgostino - Operazione paure - Gloomy soundscapes,  digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    SAPFHIER  - Under eternally grey sky   (SWE) atmospheric and the same raw black metal with typical northern sound 25zl/9Euro

·    SATANAKOZEL - Rogatiya (RUS) pagan folk metal from Carelian part of Russia  25zl/9Euro

·    SATANIC WARMASTER - Nachzehrer (FIN) brand new album, cult BM   30zl/10Euro

·    SATURNIAN MIST - Repellings (FIN) satanic black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    SCORCHED - The 5-th season (SWE) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    SCRATCHING SOIL  - War   (RUS) brutal black metal 20zl/8Euro

·   SEELENGREIF - Jenseits der schatten (GER) black metal  20zl/8Euro

·    SEKHMET - Okularis infernum (CZ) black metal, some vocals by Adramelech of INFERNO  20zl/8Euro

·    SEKTARISM - L Offrande (FRA) satanic doom metal 25zl/9EURO

·   SEMEN DATURA - Einsamkeit (GER) depressive BM 30zl/10Euro

·   SHACKLES - Traitors gate (AUS) death / thrash metal    30zl/10Euro

·    SIEGHETNAR - Kaltetod (GER) black metal  20zl/8Euro

·    SIGILIUM DIABOLI / STORMING DARKNESS split CD (SWE / RUS) cold harsh raw black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    SIGNS OF DYING  - Desire is suffering   (USA) very brutal death metal 20zl/8Euro

·    SLAVIA - Strength and vision (NOR) black metal, live bonus tracks with a very good sound, digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    SLAVLAND - Lechita (PL) the last album, pagan black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    SNOTARAR  - Vredeslusta   (SWE) black metal    20zl/8Euro

·    SODOM - Satans cojurations  (GER) bootleg, demos, live from Essen 84     25zl9Euro

·    SOLGRAV   - Auringon hauta   (FIN) pagan black metal     20zl/8Euro

·    SOLGRAV / F   - Kaksi perkeletta   (FIN) pagan black metal / death grind, Varjot Rec    20zl/8Euro

·    SOMBRE CHEMIN / ORNAMENTS OF SIN split CD 2005 black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    SORGSVART - Vikingtid og  anarki   (NOR)  viking folk black metal     30zl/10Euro

·    SOULCIDE/NUCLEAR WINTER  - Misanthropy/Beyond the nought   (BLR/RUS) split CD nihilistic painful raw black metal/ depressive dark ambient. Total underground!!! 20zl/8Euro

·  SPEKTR - Mescalyne (FRA) black metal, digi pack    30zl/10Euro

·    SPETALSK  - Perverted commandment   (SWE) pure satanic black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    SPIRE - Spire (AUS) misanthropic black metal / ambient 25zl/9Euro

·    SPITE EXTREME WING - Magnificat (ITA) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    SPITE EXTREME WING - Non dvcor, dvco  (ITA) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    SSORC - Infidel eternal (JAP) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    STARLIT - Ataraxis (SWE) dark ambient / black metal in vein of Vinterriket , project of Nachtzeit of Lustre 25zl/9Euro

·    STRIBORG / VARDAN split CD (AUS / ITA) black metal   20zl/8Euro 

·    STORHET AV MORKE - Grandeur of eternal cold (RUS)  black metal in old nordic way, digi pack !!!    25zl/9Euro

·    STORMHEIT - Caelic Weold Finnum (FIN) epic black metal in vein of Bathory, Morrigan... 25zl/9Euro

·    STORMHEIT - Kvenland (FIN) epic black metal in vein of Bathory, Morrigan... 25zl/9Euro

·    STYGGELSE - Heir today god tommorow (SWE) black metal       25zl/9Euro

·    SUNWHEEL- Industry of death (PL) new album, black metal  30zl/10Euro

·    SVART - Vanara, vanmakt och avsmakt (SWE)  misanthropic black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    SVART - Varan tid ar forbi  (SWE)  misanthropic black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    SVARTI LOGHIN - Empty world (SWE) very good misanthropic BM, great released on Digi Pack  30zl/10Euro

·   SVARTI LOGHIN - Drifting through the void (SWE) progressive black metal in vein of Katatonia, Digi Pack      30zl/10Euro

·    SVARTKRAFT - IV Ruin (FIN)  black metal, Wyrd, Azaghal members   25zl/9Euro

·    SVARTNATT - Vargold har kommit (SWE) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    SVARTPEST - Mjodfest (NOR)  black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    SVARTSKOGG - Helvete 666 (NOR) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    SVARTSYN - Destruction of man (SWE) black metal, reedition om digi from Unexploded Rec  30zl/10Euro


·    TARAN / MOONTOWER   - Devil s incarnation   (PL) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    TARVALON   - Suicid / black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    TAUNUSHEIM  - Nebelkampfe   (GER) pagan metal in vein of Bathory, Kampfar, Ejnherjer 20zl/8Euro

·    TELOCH - Morbid prayer (FIN)  black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    TEMNOZOR  - Folkstorm of the Azure Nights   (RUS) Pagan Folk BM. A masterpiece!!! Morbid Winter Rec. 25zl/9Euro

·    TEMNOZOR - Haunted dreamscapes (RUS) brand new album, folk black metal  25zl/9Euro

·   TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM - Onori funebri rituali (ITA) reissue on digi pack, black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    TERATISM - Pure Unadulterated hate (USA) black metal with Dagon of Inquisition on vocals   25zl/9Euro

·    TERRORAMA  - Horrid efface   (SWE) old school black/thrash in vein of early Sadus, Merciless, Vulcano 25zl/9Euro

·    THANATOS  - Beyond terror   (USA) brutal death metal 25zl/9Euro

·    THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN - Vexin verses (FRA) black metal,  25zl/9Euro

·    THE CARNIVAL / ENORMITY split CD (FIN) old school death metal bands from Finland in vein of Hellhammer and very early Bathory 20zl/8Euro

·    THE CATAFALQUE - Tuno ido tarlat (HUN) experimental black metal with folk influences, digi pack limited to 500 copies   30zl/10Euro

·    THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL/MAYHEM  - Jihad/The freezing moon   (UK/NOR) black metal with great old school sound/2 tracks professionally recorded with Dead on vocals. 25zl/9Euro

·    THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL  - Exhuming the grave of yeshua   (UK) black metal inspired by the middle ages 30zl/10Euro

·    THE ONE  - Guardians inhuman  (GRE)   raw nihilistic black metal 25zl/9Euro

·   THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - s/t (USA) black metal, Profanatica member     30zl/10Euro

·    THE STONE   - Magla   (SER) brand new album, raw black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    THE UGLY - Slaves to the decay (SWE) old school black / thrash metal, DIGI PACK  30zl/10Euro

·    THIRST - Blacklight (PL) the second album, very fast and brutal, but still melodic and atmospheric. Very well released on digi pack with 16-pages bookled stylised on an old book. 25zl/9Euro

·    THOR'S HAMMER - May the hammer smash the cross (PL)  black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    THOTH - Zamglenie (PL) raw BM, in line up Rob Darken, Necro (Selbstmord) DIGI PACK  25zl/9Euro

·    THRONEUM - Deathcult conspiracy (PL) old school deat metal, new album   25zl/9Euro

·    THY REPENTANCE/NUCLEAR WINTER split CD (RUS) depressive black metal with elements of dark ambient. 20zl/8Euro

·    TONDRA / NORDIC MIST - Cracking the hoarfrost / Into the psyche delve (USA) cold death / black metal 25zl/9Euro

·   TOPOGRAFIA - Genius loci (PL) dark ambient, digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    TORGEIST - Devoted to Satan (FRA) satanic black metal    30zl/10Euro

·    TORGEIST - Time of sabbath  (FRA) satanic black metal    30zl/10Euro

·   Trama afonA - Trama afonA - Cinematic dark ambient, digi pack   30zl/10Euro

·    TRANCELIKED VOID - Where the trees can make it rain (BEL)   misanthropic black metal    25zl/9Euro

·    TRIBUTE TO GRAVELAND - Chronicles of tyranny and blood / title says everything. Graveland s tracks in Arkona, Nocturne, Nacht und nebel, Satanic warmaster, Bannerwar, Der sturmer, Nokturnal Mortum interpretations.    25zl/9Euro

·    TRIST - Sebevrazedni andile (CZ) depressive black / doom metal  25zl/9Euro

·    TROLLECH / HEIDEN split CD (CZ) raw pagan black metal / melodic black metal, digi pack 25zl/9Euro

·    TRONUS ABYSS - Kampf  (ITA) black metal, DIGIBOOK with bonuses  30zl/10Euro

·    TSJUDER - Kill for Satan  (NOR) black metal   30zl/10 Euro

·    TSJUDER - Demonic possession  (NOR) black metal, jewel case   30zl/10 Euro

·    TURDUS MERULA - Herbarium (SWE) black metal / dark ambient    25zl/9Euro

·    TYPHUS - Grand molesters of the holy trinity (USA)  black metal, brand new awesome album !!!      25zl/9Euro


·    UHRILEHTO   - Vitutus millennium   (FIN) melodic dark/black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    UHRILEHTO   - Viimeinen vitutus   (FIN) melodic dark/black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    UHRILEHTO  - Ihmisvihan   (FIN) the last album, melodic black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    UMBRA NIHIL - The borderland rituals (FIN) doom metal     25zl/9Euro

·    UNDIVINE - A deceitful calm (SWE) black / death metal  20zl/8Euro

·    UNHUMAN DISEASE - Black creations of Satan (USA) very good raw BM   25zl/9Euro

·    Ur Falc'h/ HERETIC BLOOD split CD (CAN) 2 epic monumental black metal bands with folk influences from Canada 25zl/9Euro

·    URN - 666 Megatons (FIN) black thrash metal from Finland    30zl/10Euro

·    URN - Dawn of the devastation  (FIN) black thrash metal from Finland    30zl/10Euro

·    USURPER - Threshold of the usurper (USA) black / thrash metal   25zl/9Euro

·    UTGARD - Thrones and dominons (FIN)  black metal    30zl/10Euro


·    V/A - Helvetin musta peto (FIN) compilation CD, extra released on DIGI BOOK!!! Include unreleased exclusive tracks of: Anal Blasphemy, Barathrum, Svartkfaft, Musta Kappeli, Azaghal, Verge and more...    30zl/10Euro

·    V/A - The land of the lost souls (NOR) include Algol demo 90, Embryonic (pre Thou Shalt Suffer) demo 90, Mayhem live in Jeesheim 90  30zl/10Euro

·    VALUATIR - I (FRA) celtic pagan black metal with folk elements   25zl/9Euro

·    VANDOD - As (SWE) black metal, brasilian edition  25zl/9Euro

·    VARGR - Storm of northern evil (SWE) black metal, project of Lord Nordvargr - MZ 412, Folkstorm, Near Mataron, Forgotten Tomb...     25zl/9Euro

·    VARGSANG - Throne of the forgotten (GER) black metal, DIGIBOOK  40zl/12Euro

·    VARGSANG - Werewolf of wysteria (GER) black metal, DIGI PACK  35zl/11Euro

·    VECHE - Veche (UKR) black metal, in line up members of Nokturnal Mortum and Lucifugum 25zl/9Euro

·    VELIMOR  - For the glory of our kin/Rujan   (RUS) Mix of RAC and black metal. Stuff include mini from 2004 and demo from 2001.   20zl/8Euro

·    VERGE - To rest the last time in our filth (FIN)  MCD, black metal   20zl/8Euro

·    Verge / Blood Red Fog split CD (FIN) digi pack  black metal      25zl/9Euro

·    VERGE - Sex and violence (FIN)  black metal     25zl/9Euro

·    VERZIVATAR - In the shadow of sombre clouds (HUN) misanthropic black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    VHERNEN - The funeral era   (Faroe Islands) atmospheric black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    VICTIMIZER - Rapid thrashing violence (DK) old school speed thrash metal 30zl10Euro

·    VICTIMIZER - The final assault (DK) old school thrash metal 30zl/10Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - 2002 2004 Wege in die Vergangenheit (GER) black metal / dark ambient 25zl/9Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Winterschatten  (GER) dark, misanthropic music 25zl/9Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Landschaften Ewiger Einsamkeit  (GER) dark, misanthropic music 25zl/9Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Gebirgshohenstille (GER) black metal / dark ambient 30zl/10Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Der letzte winter (GER) black metal / dark ambient, digi pack 30zl/10Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Kalte, schnee und eis... (GER)  compilation CD 25zl/9Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Zeit-los  Laut-los (GER) CD packed in mini LP sleeve 30zl/10Euro

·    VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie (GER)  brand new album with special DVD, digi pack 30zl/10Euro

·    VSPOLOX  - The Dusk   (RUS) fast black metal from Siberia 25zl/9Euro

·    VOCIFERIAN  - Universal hate decades ultimatum   (FRA) violent black/death metal massacre  25zl/9Euro

·    VOLH - Solemn march into the ragnarok (RUS) pagan black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    VORDR - II (FIN) black metal 20zl/8Euro

·    VORDR - III  (FIN) black metal 25zl/9Euro

·    VREDEHAMMER - 4 September (NOR) black metal. project of Elite, Allfather member25zl/9Euro

·    VREDEHAMMER - Pans skygge (NOR) black metal. project of Elite, Allfather member25zl/9Euro

·    VROLOCK  - Resurgence II: Where the dying meet the dead   (USA) raw black metal 20zl/8Euro


·    WACKHANALIJA - Where death dies (BLR) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    WANING - Population control (SWE) black metal  25zl/9Euro

·    WARKULT  - Perseverance of aggression (USA) old school thrash black metal. 20zl/8Euro

·    WILK   - Na rozkaz krwi   (PL) Aryan war metal. Cover of Burzum, 8 pages booklet.  20zl/8Euro

·    WOODS OF INFINITY - Ljuset (SWE) black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    WOJNAR  - Kiedy Duch Wojny Nade Mna Powstanie   (PL) Slavonic folk ambient 25zl/9Euro

·    WOJNAR  - Z najglębszych borow piesń wam niosę   (PL) Slavonic folk ambient (Nokturnal Mortum member) the last opus of this project  20zl/8Euro

·    WOJNAR - Epos o woju z krainy mrozem spowitej (PL) pagan folk / dark ambient   25zl/9Euro

·    WOODLAND CHOIR - Serenity rise (HUN) accustic folk music for fans of TENHI, OCTOBER FALLS... digi pack    30zl/10Euro

·    WURDULAK/GORELORD  - Creature freature 2   (USA) grind death metal 25zl/9Euro

·    WYRD - Wrath and revenge (FIN) early stuff, demos... 30zl/10Euro

·    WYRD   - Rota   (FIN) an excellent pagan black metal with folk elements 30zl/10Euro

·    WYRD   - Kalivagi   (FIN) an excellent pagan black metal with folk elements 30zl/10Euro



·    XOLOTL - Xolotl (MEX) black death metal with aztec lyrics and percussion!!!   20zl/8Euro


·    ZAVORASH - N. A. S. D. (SWE) black metal, Funeral Mist member   30zl/10Euro

·    ZREC - Zertva (CZ) pagan folk metal with traditional slavonic folk instruments  25zl/9Euro




·    ANGEL s DECAY  - Odiumspace   (SLO) brutal death metal, colour booklet with photos, lyrics. Released by Akne Prod. 15zl/6Euro

·    SIN ORGIN   - Night aeternal   (USA) old school black metal inspired by very early Bathory, Hellhammer and other BM gods!!! 15zl/6Euro

·    TORMENTOR - The sick years   (HUN) cult black metal, live tracks from 1986-88 + some other Attila s projects 20zl/6Euro





·    AIGRO MUCIFELAM - Lost sounds depraved (FRA) LP, black metal 35zl/11Euro

·    ANGST SKVADRON - Flukt (NOR)  post rock / avantgarde black metal, Urgehal member  40zl/12Euro

·    ANGST SKVADRON - Sweet poison (NOR)  post rock / avantgarde black metal, Urgehal member  40zl/12Euro

·    APATI - Eufori (SWE) gatefold double LP, post black metal for fans of Lifelover, extra release of Obscure Abhorrence 40zl/12Euro

·    APOLION / ESWIEL split 7EP (ITA/NOR) black metal, Vulture Lord, Beastcraft member  22zl/7Euro

·    AUSTERE - Withering illusions and desoletion (AUS)  LP  40zl/12Euro

·    BELBORN - Perchta (GER)  alpine folk 25zl/9Euro

·    BETHLEHEM / BENIGHTED IN SODOM (GER / USA)  black metal, 7EP  20zl/8Euro

·    BLACK ALTAR - Wrath ov the gods (PL) 7 EP black metal 22zl/7Euro

·    BLOOD RED FOG / FUNERARY BELL (FIN) split 10'LP black metal   30zl/10Euro

·    CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS / DROWNING THE LIGHT - Moonflares (FIN / AUS) split LP, black metal    40zl/12Euro

·    DARK AGES - Twilight of Europe (UKR) medieval dark ambient, Drudkh member, LP limited to 350 copies with different cover  25zl/9Euro

·    DARK FORTRESS - Tales from eternal dusk (GER) black metal, double LP, gatefold limited to 486 copies   45zl/13Euro

·    DEATHROW - Primordial lifecode (ITA) black metal, LP, member of Ad Hominem, Nocternity, Macabre Omen... 40zl/12Euro

·    DEVIL LEE ROT/NORTHERN DARKNESS (SWE) split LP, old school thrash black metal/epic black metal a la Bathory  35zl/11Euro

·   DODSFERD - Another two of your scars and the world is dead (GRE) 7" EP,  black metal   25zl/9Euro

·    DROWNING THE LIGHT - The fading rays of the sun (AUS) 10"LP misanthropic black metal  30zl/10Euro

·    DROWNING THE LIGHT / ETERNUM (AUS) 7"EP misanthropic black metal  22zl/7Euro

·    FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative megalomania (ITA) depressive black doom metal, LP on gatefold   40zl/12Euro

·    FROST - Voices from beyond the gates   (HUN) Hungarian black metal, LP    25zl/9Euro

·    HORNED ALLMIGHTY - Black metal jesus   (DEN) LP old school black metal,limited to 525 copies only!!! 40zl/12Euro

·    IAD - Die prophezeiung 7"EP  (GER) black metal  20zl/7Euro

·    INFERNO / THUNDRA - Infernal belief (CZ/ITA) split LP, black metal 40zl/12Euro

·    INFINITY - The birth of death   (HOL) LP + EP!!! An excellent black metal! Gatefold with poster, limited to 500 copies! A CULT!!!  40zl/12Euro

·    INFINITY - The arcane wisdom of shadows   (HOL) LP Brand new album. A CULT!!!  40zl/12Euro

·    ISEGRIM - Isegrim   (GER) picture LP satanic black metal (total time 25 minutes) 30zl/10Euro

·     KORGONTHURUS / SILBERBACH - Salvation... split 10 MLP, black metal 30zl/10Euro

·    LOITS - Ei kahetse midagi (Est)  black metal. Gatefold LP, Eisenwald  45zl/13Euro

·    LYRINX - Nihilistic purity (UK) LP, nihilistic black metal 35zl/11Euro

·    MASTOMAH  - Luciferi advocare (PL) 7 EP raw black metal a’la Beherit, Blasphemy, originally recorded in 1991, very well released with large booklet with tons of early photos, information 22zl/7Euro

·    MOR DAGOR  - Necropedophilia LP - gatefold, old school black metal. 40zl/12Euro

·    SALTUS - The empire of the sun (PL)  black metal released on LP + gatefold   30zl/10Euro

·    SIGNUM DIABOLIS / HATESPAWN  split 7 EP old schooled black metal! Limited to 500 copies! 22zl/7Euro

·    SPITE EXTREME WING - Vlltra (ITA) Excellent black metal released on double LP + gatefold   50zl/14Euro

·    SZRON - Zeal (PL)  black metal, brand new album on LP    37zl/11Euro

·    THRONEUM - The unholy ones (PL) old school death metal, 10"MLP   28zl/10Euro

·    THUNDERBOLT - The sons of darkness (PL) black metal, LP on gatefold   40zl/12Euro

·    VINTERRIKET / ORODRUIN split LP - Gatefold (GER / HOL) black metal / dark ambient 35zl/11Euro

·    WOODS OF INFINITY - Hopplos vantan (SWE)  LP, black metal  40zl/12Euro

·    WYRD   - Tuonela   (FIN) 7 EP pagan black metal  22zl/7Euro



T-shirt - ask for shirt's pictures

·    BESATT - front logo and death, back - sentence: they called me the evil, I am the evil. B/W, high quality 100% cotton ts, permanent print!!! Only L, XL 20zl/8Euro

·    Black Witchery - Devil in front slaying the christ in white colour, above Black Witchery logo in red, back red inverted cross. Very High Quality!!! Only L size !!!  40zl/12Euro

·    HATE FOREST - Temple Forest , B/W Fruit of the Loom, Hammebolt Rec L&XL  35zl/11Euro

·    HATE FOREST - Dead but dreaming  - Front: Cromlech, back: sentence, Fruit of the Loom, B / W + Grey, L size only! Great quality!!!  40zl/12Euro

·    HELL - BORN - Darkness - official band's shirt from their last album, stedman shirt, only L  20zl/8Euro

·    INFERNAL WAR- Shatteres of liberty- official shirt from Agonia Rec .  Very good quality XL size only!  35zl/11Euro

·    INFERNAL WAR- Total death cult- official shirt from Agonia Rec .  Very good quality L size only!  35zl/11Euro

·    INFERNO - Uctivani temne... - official shirt from Undercover Rec. Fruit... B/W both side printed   L, XL  35zl11Euro

·    KATAXU - untitled- official shirt from Eastside Rec.  B/W both side printed , Front: logo, back  pagan symbol. Good quality L size only!  35zl/11Euro

·    MASACHIST - Death march fury - official shirt from debut album, stedman, only L and XL  30zl/10Euro

·    MASTIPHAL - new official shirt from Witching Hour Prod, stedman, red print L and XL  20zl/8Euro

·    NOKTURNAL MORUM - Lunar poetry - Fruit of the Loom, full colour, great quality!!! L size only!!!    40zl/12Euro

·    NOKTURNAL MORUM - Goat horns - Fruit of the Loom, full colour, great quality!!! L size only!!!    40zl/12Euro

·    NOKTURNAL MORUM - Voice of steel - Fruit of the Loom, full colour, great quality!!! L & XL    40zl/12Euro

·    SAPFHIER   front: logo and axe. B/W, high quality 100% cotton ts, permanent print!!! Very thick ts. 20zl/8Euro

·    THIRST - front: logo, sleeves: icon of T from logo of the band and logo of Alles Stenar. B/W XL, XXL. 20zl/8Euro

·    VARGSANG - Werewolf of wysteria - official shirt from Undercover Rec, Fruit... B/W, both side printed M, L, XL sizes  25zl/8Euro

·    WYRD - My Ghosts -  B/W, high quality shirt- Fruit of the Loom (205g), permanent print!!! S,  L, XL, XXL  30zl/10Euro



·    BLACK FUNERAL - front: logo, title Az-I-Dahak and gloomy picture of band s member. High quality 100% cotton ts, permanent print!!! L, XL. 30zl/10Euro



·    ABUSED MAJESTY  - Gods are with us/Thee I worship demo 99   (PL) atmospheric black metal, early stuff. 10zl/5Euro

·    AETHERES   - Laknienie misterium nocy   (PL) mystic dark metal, Gontyna Kry member. 10zl/5Euro

·    ARKONA   - Konstelacja Lodu   (PL) cult black metal, Hell is here rec. release 10zl/5Euro

·    BIZZARE OF BRUTALITY  - Metaphor   (SLO) Atmospheric thrash metal. 10zl/5Euro

·    D.YING D.ONG D.OOM  - Trans-istor   (ITA) trans industrial amient 10zl/5Euro

·    EVILFEAST - Funeral Sorcery (PL) raw misanthropic black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    GRAND BELIAL s KEY  - Judeobeast assassination   (USA) black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    INFAMIS   - Irremeabilis unda   (PL) very well pagan black metal in underground style 10zl/5Euro

·    INFERNAL GOAT  - Promo 999 (ITA) raw black metal, cover of Impaled Nazarene 10zl/5Euro

·    KATAXU  - Roots Thunder   (PL) atmospheric pagan black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    MALVENTO  - Sacro martirio   (ITA) black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    MISTIGO VARGOTH DARKESTRA - Insatiable moon   (UKR) dark ritual ambient, project of the leader of Nokturnal Mortum 10zl/5Euro

·    MISTIGO VARGOTH DARKESTRA - Midnight fullmoon   (UKR) ritual dark ambient 10zl/5Euro

·    MISTIGO VARGGOTH DARKESTRA  - The key to the gates of apocalypse   (UKR) black metal/dark ambient, very good stuff 10zl/5Euro

·    MYSTERIIS  - Anthologica mysteriorum (ITA) mix of black metal/dark ambient, very nostalgic, painfull, inspired by early Burzum, limited to 300copies 10zl/5Euro

·    NORDEN - Glory in flames   (PL) viking doom metal 10zl/5Euro

·    PERUNICA - Swiete dziedzictwo przodków   (PL) raw pagan black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    SAGENHAFT - Lapideus Liber (ITA) dark ambient a la debut of Arcana 10zl/5Euro

·    SANATORIUM - Autumn shadows (SLO) death/grind 10zl/5Euro

·    SANATORIUM   - Necrologue (SLO) death metal 10zl/5Euro

·    SANATORIUM  -Arrival of the forgotten ones(SLO) death metal 10zl/5Euro

·    SHADOWTHRONE - Vacuum of horror (HUN) old school raw black metal 10zl/5Euro

·    SURGICAL DISSECTION -The inborn mangnance (SLO) death metal 10zl/5Euro

·    TORMENTOR - The seventh day of doom (HUN) legendary 1-st demo of this cult band 10zl/5Euro

·    TORMENTOR - The sick years (HUN) cult black metal, live tracks from 1986-88 + some other Attila s projects 10zl/5Euro

·    WARCRY - Wotan stands for victory (ESP) pagan black metal 10zl/5Euro