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IV Ruin CD

saga 009

Fourth full-length album is finally out!!!

What to say...? Definitely their best, the most mature album.

Very characteristic Finnish BM sound with a touch of

melancholy and desolation.

In line up Narqath and JL Nokturnal (Wyrd, Azaghal...)

Very original, strong stuff!!!

Legacy Magazine 11/15

Friedhof Magazine 7,75/10

7 Gates Magazine 6/7 9/10 8/10

Psycho Zine 4/5





Nature Mysticism CD

saga 008

Debut album of the another side project of Narqath, JL Nokturnal, Czernobog (Wyrd, Azaghal...)

Pagan black metal in vein of early Wyrd.

One of the albums of the year in Friedhof Magazine !!!

Legacy Magazine 12/15

Terrorizer Magazine 6/10 7/10



STARLIT (Sweden)

Ataraxis CD

saga 007 

Project of Nachtzeit from Lustre, ex-Hypothermia

Mix of dark ambient / black metal in vein of Vinterriket,

Lustre or some Cold Meat Industry artists.

A perfect vision of the north!!!

Terrorizer Magazine 6,5/10

Friedhof Magazine 7,5/10 6/10

Psycho Zine 4/5



T-shirt  WYRD -  My Ghosts

B/W, 100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom, excellent printed shirt!

S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes available. Limited to 70 copies!!!


front                                              back


T-shirt  EVILFEAST  Isenheimen - front Grimspirit with the forest and mountains in background, back Isenheimen and title tracks, sleeve - Alles Stenar logo. B/W, 100% cotton. Fruit of the Loom (205g) Well printed. M, L, XL. Limited to 50 copies!!! Check out mailorder for more info.
Please send e-mail for more pictures.

T-shirt front



Funeral Sorcery CD

saga 006 


The second full-length album.

Six long epic tracks of raw misanthropic black metal

with cold monumental feeling and sound!





Blacklight  Digi CD

saga 005


Crushing monumental black metal!

The second full-length album, very brutal and fast but still melodic

with apocalyptic gloomy atmosphere.

Digi pack with 16-pages booklet stylized on an old book!





Isenheimen / Abyss calls… split CD

saga 004 

Misanthropic cold black metal!

Seven long epic tracks from winter 2007.

The feeling of cold, sadness and depression is

stronger and deeper than ever!!!



Pure Harmony Of The Night / Pośród Złowieszczej Ciszy CD
saga 003

Retrospective debut CD includes two mini albums from 2004 and 1999
and as a bonus 1 long track from the second demo. Music is very
unique and orginal epic pagan BM with great monumental atmosphere.
Just imagine mix of early In The Woods..., Arcturus and Amorphis
with touch of great slavonic feeling!!! Amazing vocals! Pure
Harmony... is more brutal, maybe a bit into Death Metal but it's
still epic pagan art. Pośród...has totally monumental woody atmosphere.


split CD 2005 - slipcase
saga 002

3 way split CD of elite underground Black Metal acts from Poland!
Includes brand new mini albums of each band:
Arkona - Holocaust Zniewolonych Mas
Besatt - Diabolus Perfectus
Thirst - Raise The Blasphemer
Arkona and Thirst recorded totally new tracks and covers.Besatt
presents 3 tracks from each full length album but recorded once
again in raw, truly bestial version, which you can know from split
LP of Besatt / Armaggedon/ Misanthropy/ Inner Helvete.
Slipcase format with two different front covers!


T-shirt  ARKONA - front logo, picture of war and sentence war with
communism, back logo, celtic cross and sentence war with
chritianity. B/W 100% cotton. Well printed. L, XL. Please send
e-mail for the picture.

T-shirt BESATT - front logo and death, back sentence: They called me
the Evil, I am the Evil. B/W 100% cotton. Well printed. L, XL.
Please send e-mail for the picture.

T-shirt THIRST
- front logo, sleeves logo of Alles Stenar and icon
of T from Thirst's logo. B/W 100% cotton. M, L, XL, XXL. Please send
e-mail for the picture.


Per Aspera Ad Astra CD
saga 001

Crushing monumental Black Metal in vein of the In The Nightside
Eclipse of Emperor. Orginally recorded in 1997! Great sound! Per
Aspera... will kick your ass!!! One of the best album from Poland
ever!!! That's all!

Legacy Mag. 10/15
Terrorizer Mag. 6/10
Mega-Sin Mag. 7/10
7Gates Mag. 5/7
Multum In Parvo 8/10
Arkanum zine 8/10 97/100 find out here an interview with Thirst